AWS 逆引き設定されている EIP の解放

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AWS 逆引き設定を申請した EIP の IP アドレスを解放しようとするとエラーが出て解放できません。ロックされているのでサポートに連絡する必要があります。 The address with allocation id [eipalloc-xxxxxxxx] cannot be released because it is locked to your account. Please contact AWS Support to unlock it.


「Use Case Description」に内容を記載します。

Please delete reverse DNS lookup setting.
Reverse DNS Name:
EIP Address:

Elastic IP AddressReverse DNS Record for EIPは記載しなくて大丈夫です。



 We've reviewed and approved your request for the removal of the EC2 e-mail sending limitations on your Amazon Web Services account. There are no longer limitations on your account for any IPs and instances under your account. If you requested removal of e-mail sending limits on Amazon Elastic IPs, they've also been removed.

 Because reverse DNS record entries are commonly considered in anti-SPAM filters, we recommend assigning a reverse DNS record to the Elastic IP address you use to send email to third parties. Please use the form located at this link to request a reverse DNS entry:

 Note that a corresponding forward DNS record mapping only one domain to one Elastic IP address must exist before we can create the reverse DNS record on our side.

 Thank you for your inquiry!

 Best Regards,

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AWS AccountId =        xxxxxxxxxxxx
 UseCaseDescription =    Please "remove" following reverse DNS lookup setting.